We do Wedding events,Birthdays and Catering.

A great deal of emphasis is laid on the use of the freshest ingredients, high grade cooking oli and the stringent of hygiene.Succulent Halal meat is lovingly Cooked in the Tandoor over the Charcoal fire. Little wonder then, that our kebabs and curries are known for their richness and flavor.

A richness that is reflected in the beautiful ambience at kebabs n Curries. Lush Greenery is complimented by the soothing water features….. Imparting a whole new dimension to the word “ Bon Apetit

Over the years, Master Chefs or Khansamas hailing from Royal Gharanas such as the Nawabs of Awadh and Nizams of Hyderabad have excelled in the preparation and presentation of Indian Cuisine. The rich heritage serves as the backdrop for the kitchens of kebab n Curries.

Our own Khanasamas draw inspiration from diverse indo Aryan and Muslim culinary traditions. Spices like turmeric, cardamom, black pepper and mustard which were originally harvested in the Indus Valley are now deftly mixed with a Whole concoction of tongue tickling Masalas to give you a culinary experience like never before.

Love for the soul is the same for the body. Without food the body is weak and without love the soul is weak. I believe in bringing soul into the recipe as it will bring a soulful food experience to our diners. With an extensive 18 years of work experience in 5 star hotels, I am lucky to learn that there is no Shortcut in preparing any cuisine .one has to be passionately in love with the ingredients to know Which one will bring which flavor to what dish Please enjoy your meal & we will love to see you again and again ……………………. Executive Chef